Physiotherapy Led Pilates

Physiotherapy Led Pilates

Physiotherapy Led Pilates at Health and Exercise Matters

Why come to Health & Exercise Matters for Pilates Classes? 

Join our friendly and welcoming Pilates classes to help you unwind and relax from the stressors of life, whilst having a full-body workout. With the options of small group face to face classes in our studio, online classes, or 1:1 Pilates, there is an option for everyone.

All of our online classes are live streamed via Zoom. These will be run at the same time as the face to face classes, ensuring everyone can get involved. Our studio is well ventilated, and we are continuing to follow strict Covid policies throughout the clinic and studio, making it a Covid safe environment. Face to face classes in the studio are limited to 6, to allow for social distancing.

Face to face classes are £10 per class, and can be booked in blocks of 5 for £50. Online classes are £5 per class, booked in blocks of 10 for £50. Before committing to a block, we are offering a free taster class for both online and face to face so you can ensure it is right for you.

We also have the options of face to face small group Pilates within your ‘social bubble’ or household, or bespoke 1:1 sessions either online or in the studio. Click here to find out more about our Covid-safe in studio small group and 1:1 sessions.

Our Pilates classes and individual sessions are led by Chartered Physiotherapists, using the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) method. This is the gold standard qualification used within physiotherapy practice and the field of rehabilitation.

What is Pilates and how does it work?

The APPI method uses a combination of movement and breathing principles, including segmental spinal stabilization and pelvic stability, which have been shown to help with lower back pain, reduce the risk of other musculoskeletal injuries and help with postural related problems.

It uses slow, controlled movement patterns to work on the deeper, stabilising muscles in the body, which you may not work in other types of exercise sessions. This helps with muscular endurance and stability. Using the APPI method, normal movement patterns and neuro-muscular timing are addressed in relation to each exercise, helping you to get the most benefit out of performing Pilates.

Exercises can be modified to suit ability, and during the class, provided you agree, personal advice on technique can be offered to ensure you are doing the exercises in the best way for you. This can really help you to get the most out of the class.

Class levels

Classes will be available at a beginners level and intermediate-advanced level.

How do I know what level is suitable for me? 


  • If you are new to Pilates and are not familiar with the foundation Pilates principles and breathing methods. The instructor will guide you through learning the basics of core strength and stability, flexibility, and postural control, combined with essential breathing techniques.
  • If you have previously done Pilates but are coming back after a break, it may be beneficial to start again to work on foundation technique and breathing before working towards intermediate to advanced.
  • If you have an injury or back pain, it may help to start at a lower level to ensure a gradual progression towards the normal functional movement. Alternatively, 1:1 sessions would be available to ensure a safe progression into group classes.


  • If you have a good understanding of basic Pilates exercises and breathing techniques and are looking to challenge yourself to the next level. The instructor will guide you through exercises and movement patterns that are slightly higher in intensity, duration, and coordination. Most participants in these classes have trained in Beginner Pilates for at least 6 months+, however, this may vary according to individual abilities and preferences so feel free to speak to the instructor for advice.

Cost: Face to Face £10 per class, Online £5 per class, Free 1st taster class

If you would like further information on the classes, or if you’re not sure Pilates is for you, call us on +44 333 220 0238 or email to speak to our expert in Pilates or to speak to a Physiotherapist. 

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