Physiotherapy Led Pilates

Physiotherapy Led Pilates

Physiotherapy Led Pilates at Health and Exercise Matters

Our Physiotherapy led Pilates classes are suitable for beginners & intermediate levels. Pilates is brilliant for body shaping, toning, and developing muscular endurance.  More importantly, it is a great way to improve your core strength and stability of the spine/pelvis, posture, and flexibility/mobility of the body; all essential in preventing or reducing your risk of back and neck pain and other muscle/joint problems.


There are many Pilates classes but from our experience quality is key. We are proud to offer classes run by Chartered Physiotherapists in small groups to ensure high quality teaching and close supervision.


  1. Pilates for Beginners

The Physiotherapy led Pilates Beginners class is suitable for participants that have little to no experience with practicing Pilates.  The instructor will guide you through learning the basics of core strength and stability, flexibility, and postural control, combined with essential breathing techniques.  Participants will learn the basic fundamental movements and modifications will be given to those with physical limitations.


Many of our participants join our class to improve overall posture & flexibility, tone & get stronger, help with back & neck pain, or better yet prevent muscular & joint problems from occurring in the first place!  But most of all, improve how they look and feel on the inside and out.


  1. Pilates for Intermediates

The Physiotherapy led Pilates Intermediate class is suitable for participants that are have a good understanding of basic Pilates exercises and breathing techniques and are looking to challenge themselves to the next level.  The instructor will guide you through exercises and movements patterns that are slightly higher in intensity, duration, and coordination.  Most participants in these classes have trained in Beginner Pilates for at least 6 months+, however this may vary according individual abilities and preferences so feel free to speak to the instructor for advice.


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