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Happy New Year - Fitness with Health and Exercise Matters

Choose a class that suits you best! New year packages now available for 2022!

With consideration to the current pandemic, low morale and an understanding of the ongoing difficulties faced by many throughout 2020-21, Health and Exercise Matters are determined to continue delivering our body and mind boosting range of fitness options to kick start the new year with positivity and energy!

Classes range from Pilates (beginner& intermediate levels) and Yoga (Vinyasa Flow and Yin), to strength and conditioning/circuit classes. Pilates and Yoga classes are delivered both in studio and online, giving you the option for a virtual, safe home fitness program.

The Pilates classes are Physiotherapist led, giving a greater understanding of movement and anatomy, and the ability to modify and adapt exercises taking into account injuries or other conditions. Both the Pilates and yoga classes are suitable for people of all levels and abilities. Visit our separate pages on Pilates and Yoga to find out more about each class to see what is best for you.

Find a class that suits your schedule here.

Our Full Body Circuit for Sports Performance class consists of upper body, lower body and core strength and conditioning using body weight or gym equipment. This is a perfect adjunct to your current training regime. Focusing on training functional strength and stability, this class is suitable for all abilities and can be tailored to be specific to your sport or activity, whether that be running, cycling, football or skiing.

1:1 or Small Group Personal Training sessions are also available from January 2022. These include sessions that suit your fitness goals and abilities such as Pilates, Yoga, PT, circuits, or meeting any personal health and wellbeing goals for all ages and abilities. Children are welcome and programs can be adapted to suit their inclusion.

Many classes are Physiotherapist led, ensuring that exercises are safe and appropriate, alongside providing a fun and sociable atmosphere. Regardless of fitness levels and capabilities, we motivate our participants to challenge themselves to achieve their absolute best!

What are the benefits?

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Weight Loss & Toning
  • Muscle Strength & Endurance
  • Core Strength & Stability
  • Joint/Muscle Flexibility & Balance
  • Stress release
  • Feel Better Both Inside & Out!
  • Most of all, Have Fun!

Physiotherapy Led Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Stable and Able, Personal Training, Full Body Circuits for Sports Performance, Newcastle In Studio Group Training.

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Full Body Circuit for Sports Performance

A circuit-based class consisting of upper body, lower body and core strength and conditioning using body weight or gym equipment […]

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Physiotherapy Led Pilates

Pilates is a strengthening and conditioning exercise program designed to focus on core strength and improve flexibility, posture and balance.

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What is Yoga? Commonly mistaken as only accessible to those who are flexible, yoga is actually for everybody. Starting in […]

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Meditation Class

What is Meditation? Meditation is a fantastic way of essentially ‘exercising’ your mind. It’s not necessarily about switching your thoughts […]

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Stable & Able

This is a physio-led exercise class for older people or those with long-term conditions who may be at increased risk […]

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Personal Training

Enjoy a fully tailored personal training programme designed around your goals, injury history and movement patterns, designed to help you […]

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Newcastle In-Studio Group Training

Enjoy our range of stimulating, relaxing or energizing classes at our fully equipped Gosforth studio ranging from Pilates, Yoga, PT […]