Personal Training

Personal Training at Health and Exercise Matters

Enjoy a fully tailored personal training programme designed around your goals, injury history and movement patterns, designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

We specialise in testing functional movement to optimise our client’s movement, flexibility, and strength.  

Whether you want to lose weight, reduce stress, shape up, or improve your muscle function or perform better in sport we can help you. 

Benefits of Personal Training 


Having a specialist carefully monitor your technique, effort and performance can keep you motivated towards achieving your goals and get the most out of your body. 

Stress Reduction 

Stress can lead to fatigue and exhaustion, and it can be difficult to train when energy levels are low! We can help you choose the right exercise plan to help reduce stress to recover energy levels and work towards your health and fitness goals. 

Weight Loss 

Reaching weight loss goals can help boost your physical and mental health as well as your confidence. Optimising training to boost fat burning is an efficient and effective way to shape and tone!  

Sports Performance 

Optimising training can be vital to performing well in our sport. Whether we training to help prevent injury or improve power, speed and, or flexibility, we can tailor your training to suit your goals. 

Injury recovery 

It is important to work with the right recovery techniques when injured, to help restore the affected area and get back to full functional movement as soon as possible! Recovery programmes can help restore function to the tissues. 

Injury prevention 

Strengthening and conditioning our bodies can help us reduce the likelihood of injury and reduce the amount of time impacted by injury or ill health! Our programmes are designed to strengthen deep stabilising muscles to help keep you injury free! 

Timings: Available at times and days suited to your dairy

Prices: 1:1 – £60 per hr, 1:2 – £35 per hr each, 1:3 – £25 per hr each, 1:4 – £20 per hr each

If you would like further information, call us on 0191 285 8701 or email to speak to one of our Physiotherapists. 

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