Ski Fit Class Coming Soon!

Posted on October 1, 2018


SKIFIT by Physiotherapy Matters is for you!

Are you skiing this winter??

Want to manage the full week without hobbling after the first day?

Want to feel the fittest you’ve felt on the slopes in years?

Want to give your body the best preparation possible to avoid injury and enjoy your holiday?

WHAT is SKIFIT? A full-body exercise class specifically designed and run by chartered physiotherapists to prepare you for skiing this winter. Exercises are tailored to build muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and balance to help with skiing performance and injury prevention.

WHY? Skiing and snowboarding are extremely intense physical activities. They require good fitness levels, full body muscle strength and mobility to participate safely, whether you are a beginner or advanced professional. SKIFIT helps to condition your body for skiing not only improve your holiday experience, but help to reduce your chance of injury and make you a better skier.

WHO? Anyone, whether you are a beginner or advanced skier/snowboarder, if you train regularly or haven’t been to the gym in years SKIFIT can be tailored to all participants. SKIFIT is essential for anyone needing advice or motivation to get fit for the slopes this winter.

WHEN? 6-12 weeks prior to skiing (if you haven’t already) is when you should start your skiing preparation. Attending the session once weekly alongside regular cardio, stretching, strengthening and balance exercises that you can do at home or in the gym.

Call 0333 220 0238 to register your interest now as limited to 10 people in a class! Booked as a course of 6 for the price of 5 (£50 for 6 Physio Led classes).