Hannah Mitchell

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Hannah is a professional sports therapist, health and wellbeing specialist and training consultant. She is dedicated to helping people improve performance and reduce stress through a connective and integrative approach to physical therapy, education and training. 

Hannah specializes in helping people enhance their performance whilst preventing and recovering from injury. This is specifically through a range of interventions including: movement therapy, functional movement training, yoga, Pilates, muscle activation, sports and remedial massage, bodywork and myofascial release, trigger point therapy, facilitated stretching and exercise coaching. 

Hannah is passionate about helping members of the public suffering from chronic pain, postural imbalances, dysfunctional movement patterns, stress and injury.  

Hannah delivers with a person-centred approach and integral to her work are her professional training in meditation and psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness meditation.  

During her career as a sports therapist, Hannah has spent considerable time in Asia exploring and researching various approaches to physical therapy. This invaluable experience was gained in Sri Lanka, India, Japan and South Korea. It taught Hannah the value of both Western and Eastern lifestyle and health practices and has helped her blend the best from both cultures into her practice. 

Throughout her career, Hannah has delivered coaching, sports therapy and athlete support to professional athletes and bike teams on world competition throughout the UK, and Europe. She has also worked with patients across a range of environments, including clinical therapy, educational settings, corporations and local community. 

Hannah holds a BSc in Sports Therapy and trained professionally in the UK. In addition, she holds various professional training and qualifications including meditation and psychotherapy, education and training, the power of awareness, interpersonal neurobiology, muscle activation techniques, applied movement neurology, personal training and Pilates. She also gained a yoga teacher training qualification from a prestigious yoga school in North India.