Callum Hurst

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Callum is a Chartered Physiotherapist having spent two years working for the NHS, he joined us at Physiotherapy Matters to specialise in musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

He has a keen interest in helping people of all ages to maintain and improve their strength to achieve their personal goals.

Working in the NHS, Callum has seen the importance of maintaining functional strength particularly in older age, helping you to stay healthy and mobile to maintain your independence.

He is also interested in strength and conditioning and the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. Having played sport and suffered injuries himself, Callum realises the importance of strength, mobility and conditioning the body in the correct way to help reduce the risk of injuries occurring. Going through the rehabilitation process, he understands the importance of correctly rehabilitating the whole body through functional movements.

Callum is passionate about helping others through their own journey to help them maintain both general health and sports specific fitness.