Pilates and Yoga Classes

Yoga at Health and Exercise Matters

Relax, breathe, and enjoy a deeply tranquil yoga session designed to help you reduce stress, increase energy, and improve your health and wellbeing. We use props such as blocks to support you. As a result, you will enjoy the refreshing experience of a wonderfully meditative practice. 

We work together to help you become more aware of your unique movement patterns and improve flexibility and strength. Yoga can help us to be strong and free in each movement we make. This is not simply another system or sequence, but a deeper understanding of yourself and your own movement. 

We welcome all levels of experience to these sessions. 

What are the benefits of yoga? 

Improves Sense of Calm 

Bringing a mindful attention to our practice can help us experience a deep restoration of body and mind. This training can help us create space during times off difficulty and stress. 

Improves Flexibility and Reduces Tension 

The deep release of muscle tissue and connective tissue in our yoga practice can help us improve the flexibility of our tissues. Helping us move better. 

Improves Chronic Pain 

Releasing tight tissues in supportive yoga asanas can help us soothe pain caused by muscle and connective tissue tension.  

Increases Energy 

Our energy levels are a vital part of our health and wellbeing. Stress and exhaustion can leave us feeling depleted and low on energy. Yoga can help us reduce this stress response and boost our energy. 

Improves Sleep 

Improving our sense of calm throughout the day can have a profound effect on our sleep. A good night’s sleep can help us improve our function, health and performance throughout our day. 

Increases Strength 

Holding poses by engaging deep core muscles and stabilisers can help us improve muscle function, strengthening muscle and connective tissue to help support our life and activities. 

 Cost: Face to Face £10 per class, Online £5 per class, Free 1st taster class

If you would like further information on the classes, or if you’re not sure Yoga is for you, call us on +44 333 220 0238 or email to speak to our expert in Yoga or to speak to a Yoga Instructor. 

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