Cycle Strength Class

Cycle Strength Class

Cycle Strength Class at Health and Exercise Matters

Physiotherapy Led.

Strength training is important for cyclists to prevent injuries, enhance performance, prevent muscle imbalances and  work on areas cyclists are commonly weak in such as arms shoulders chest and back.  The aim of resistance training for cyclists is not to add muscle bulk but to improve the endurance of muscles.  Resistance training can improve your metabolism, stamina,  bone density and overall fitness.

Our Cycle Strength class is designed and delivered by qualified physiotherapists. This means we understand the demands of cycling on the body. We regularly treat cyclists of all levels and understand the common injuries associated with cycling and how best to avoid them in the first place. We are also perfectly placed to help you get back to training post injury and can help you get the most out of exercise without causing pain.

Cycle Strength Classes run Tuesday  evenings at 6.30pm for 50 minutes. Each class is small group based so we can dedicate more attention to each person.

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