Physio Led Tai Chi

Physio Led Tai Chi

Physio Led Tai Chi at Health and Exercise Matters

This class is especially good for those who want to find a gentle way to exercise. It helps with strength and flexibility, can improve balance and help with relaxing and unwinding.

The class is run by a qualified Physiotherapist who has completed a course to adapt and teach the Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi style. This combines slow, low impact movements with controlled, relaxed breathing. The style is very easy to pick up with little stepping and an emphasis on flowing arm movements. For those with leg aches and pains it is ideal as it still works these muscles with small gentle knee bends but not too low. It can even be done sitting down or a mixture of sitting and standing if needed.

Over the last 20 years research has shown that Tai Chi type exercise has favourable effects for those with Arthritis, Pain and Hypertension and also helps with Balance, Parkinson’s disease and Stress and Anxiety. It is excellent for both body and mind.
Hour long classes will consist of a gentle warm up followed by teaching of the Shibashi style, finishing with guided relaxation and mindfulness. Loose comfortable clothing and footwear is advised.


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