Meditation Class

Physio Led Tai Chi

Meditation Class at Health and Exercise Matters

Meditation is an excellent way to reduce the negative affects of stress. When you meditate, you will experience an automatic slowing of your thoughts and a progressive calming of your mind and body leading to a silent, peaceful and revitalized state of consciousness.

When you move or do something with strong awareness you are being mindful in that moment. Mindful movement involves bringing your attention and focus completely on yourself, your movement quality and fluidity and any resistance to your movement patterns. Hannah will help you become slow, mindful and purposeful in your movement to help you achieve clarity of mind and induce a relaxation response that can have a profound impact on your health, your energy levels, your relationships and your overall quality of life.

Cost: £10 per /class
Dates: Every Monday’s 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm

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