Lower Limb Joint Care Class

Lower Limb Joint Care Class

Lower Limb Joint Care Class at Health and Exercise Matters

The Physiotherapy led ‘Lower Limb Joint Care’ exercise class is targeted towards those that suffer from low to moderate knee and hip joint arthritis.  This class is also suitable for participants that have recently or previously undergone both hip or knee replacements and are looking for that bit of extra input to help with confidence, and get back to their everyday activities of daily living.  This class is also designed to help reduce the risk of falls, or even fear of falls, which is often a concern as get we older.


The instructor will guide you through progressive lower limb exercises designed to build muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and balance; all of which are low-impact and safe.  Participants learn skills to self-manage their pain and flare-ups through exercise with the idea that by improving the strength and stability of the knee and hip will help to reduce stress on the joints, improve bone health and natural joint lubricant, and lastly, the release endorphins ‘the feel good hormones’.


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