Full Body Circuit for Sports Performance

‘core Blast’ Legs, Bum, & Tums Class

Full Body Circuit for Sports Performance at Health and Exercise Matters

A circuit-based class consisting of upper body, lower body and core strength and conditioning using body weight or gym equipment is a perfect adjunct to your current training regime. Resistance, core and power exercises are commonly missed from peoples current training regime but are vital to reduce the risk of injury and push your performance to the next level. We believe in developing functional strength & stability from the ground-up, from foot and ankle balance, to improving strength and stability of the knee, hip, pelvis, and postural control.

This class is suitable for all abilities from beginner up but can be tailored to be specific to your sport or activity, whether that be running, cycling, football or skiing.

Each class is led by a qualified physiotherapist. You will work through 6-8 stations designed to target different muscle groups to give a full body workout. Studies show exercise produces endorphins which act as a natural painkiller, mood enhancer, help improve sleep and reduces stress.

Circuit based training has recently become an incredibly popular way to stay active and keep in shape. It is adaptable to cater for all abilities to make sure you get the most out of each session! Our classes are delivered in small groups and are a great way to meet likeminded people which is a fantastic way to have fun, motivate yourself and make new friends.

So whether you are training for an event, wanting to reduce the risk of injury or just want to improve your overall strength and conditioning our program will include a combination of strengthening, stretching & mobility exercises to ensure you’re in peak condition whatever your goals.

Physiotherapy Led.

As classes are designed and led by qualified physiotherapists. This means we have a good understanding of how the body works, how to adapt exercises for individuals suffering injuries and how best to avoid injuries in class and during your own training.

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