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Running Strength Class at Health and Exercise Matters

Physiotherapy Led

Our Run Strength Class is a perfect adjunct to your current running training. Resistance, core and power exercises are commonly missed from peoples current running training regime. This is vital to reduce risk of injury and push your performance to the next level. Our classes are small group based and full of friendly like minded people.

The class focuses on reinforcing sound and efficient technique tailored to each individual.  We believe in developing functional strength & stability from the ground-up, from intrinsic foot and ankle balance, to improving strength and stability of the knee, hip, pelvis, and postural control.

Running  is normally performed in a straight line, this class helps to also move the body in different directions, all essential in preventing repetitive strain injuries.  Our class teaches you to bounce back from injury, and better yet become resilient to keep you on the road!

Our program will include a combination of strengthening, stretching & mobility exercises to ensure you’re in peak condition.

Physiotherapy Led.

As classes are designed and led by qualified physiotherapists. This means we have a good understanding of how the body works, how to adapt exercises for individuals suffering injuries and how best to avoid injuries in class and during your own training.

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Sessions Run Tuesday evenings at 6.30-7.30pm

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Phone: +44 333 220 0238