Breakthrough Pain

Breakthrough Pain

Breakthrough Pain at Health and Exercise Matters

A Physio-led exercise group for people suffering chronic or long-standing pain based in Gosforth Newcastle.

Understandably the word ‘exercise’ for people in pain can cause fear and avoidance. Previous experience of exercise may conjure images of unenjoyment and fear of causing further damage. For this reason, it is understandable that people in pain may be reluctant to engage or give it a go.

Exercise and movement for people in longer term pain differs from that prescribed for people in short term pain. Exercise for people in long term pain is designed to enhance and gently build on what you can already do. You understand your own capabilities and therefore we are there to listen to you and work together to integrate physical activity into your daily life to help reduce pain.

Because of pain you inevitably may be less active which can cause knock on effects such as stiff joints, increased weight, breathlessness and low confidence which longer term can cause other serious health issues.

As Physiotherapists we understand that getting started can be very difficult. This is why we build up gently and slowly and tailor exercises to within your capability, so you are more likely to stick at them.

Our classes will involve specific exercises for increasing strength and movement of specific joints. You will also be encouraged to engage in some general exercise to help build fitness in your own time. This can be anything such as walking, tai chi or gardening to name a few. The important thing is that it is something you enjoy and can make a part of your life. We will also provide information on specific coping strategies to use alongside our classes.

Our classes will be small group-based consisting of 5-10 people and based in our fitness suite attached to our physiotherapy clinic in Regent Centre, Gosforth. As it will be designed and delivered by Physiotherapists It will be appropriate for all fitness levels as we can tailor exercises to your need and ability.

Classes will run Tuesdays at 5.30pm – 6.30pm. Cost per class is £10 or block book 6 for the cost of 5. Get in touch to chat to one of our Physiotherapists and try a free taster session 03332200238.