Back Pain Management

Back Pain Management

Back Pain Management at Health and Exercise Matters

There is evidence that exercise and education is the best way to manage mechanical lower back pain. That is where our experienced Physiotherapists come in, the back class will be directed at any individuals who have suffered from lower back pain or just have an intermittent niggle in their back. The Class will consist of stretching and strengthening exercises to help you return to your normal daily activities.

Back pain is extremely common and can often be split into two ‘types’ of pain:

  1. Non-Specific Lower Back Pain
  2. Specific Lower Back Pain.

Non-specific Lower Back Pain:

Non-specific means the cause of the pain cannot be identified or linked to one particular cause and is the most common. Non-specific lower back pain can be caused by;

  • poor posture
  • overstretching the back muscles during exercise
  • the strain of the muscle after lifting heavy objects.

Specific Lower Back Pain:

Specific lower back pain is rare and can be caused by a variety of diseases including degenerative changes (wearing), osteoporosis (reduced bone density), and disc bulges.

Specific lower back pain accounts for approximately 10-15% of all back pain cases.  Lower back pain is common in the UK population affecting around 1/3rd of adults every year. It is often described as tension, stiffness or an ache in your back.

Watch the video for Basic Stretches and Mobility Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy Matters classes offer a number of flexibility and mobility exercises, alongside targeting basic core strength and stability to help improve posture and get the body moving!

Physiotherapist led.

As physiotherapists we understand the wider impact back pain has on peoples lives. We appreciate undertaking exercise may seem like a daunting idea. However we will ensure all exercises are safe and manageable for each individual.

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