Live-Streamed Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga 2021

Posted on September 10, 2019

Live-streamed Yoga at Health and Exercise Matters

November 2020 Blog- Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga

Life at the moment can feel so restricting. The great thing about yoga is that it provides both an escape from your daily life and a fantastic form of exercise.   It doesn’t require much space to practice or equipment and it can be practiced anywhere any time of day.

Yoga is the perfect antidote for life during these uncertain times. We are spending increasing amount of time at desks, slouched on the couch and with limited options about where we can go. The effect of this on the body and mind can really take its toll. The body gets lazy and then all sorts of aches and pains start to creep in, shoulders, neck, lower back…hips you name it. What yoga does is that it helps the body to reset back to correct alignment. It helps us remember our posture, stretching, breathing, strengthening and lengthening as we go.

If you have never tried yoga, not to worry, many people think they already need to be flexible, but this really is not the case. In fact, for many the mental benefits are far more important than what shapes you can make.  A benefit of online classes is that if you are new to yoga and have been a bit intimidated or unsure about trying a class at a studio or gym, then this is a perfect stepping stone. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting there…well now things are even easier!

Our live streamed classes are really interactive so that each student feels individually supported.  Classes can be attended alone or even with whole family.  It can be a great activity during lockdown as we have to get creative about being more active especially with gyms closed and the colder weather drawing in.

For those of us living alone it can be a great way to interact and feel part of a group. The live streamed class really does help make a connection, the sense of turning up to the class and joining in with others, makes it a refreshing change from our limited circumstances.

Yoga classes offered at offered at exercise matters can cater to all sorts of moods and abilities. If you need to get active a Vinyasa flow will help you achieve a great workout that is fun and stimulating, getting the heart rate up. This is a great class if you want to get focussed and have some ‘me’ time in the morning to start the day right.

If relaxation is what you need then Yin yoga will be sure help you to de-stress and give your body a good stretch and deep release of tension. This can be a great option for before bed time as it can really leave you feeling sleepy!

If you would like more information about this class or would like to discuss whether this is suitable for you or your relatives, please call us on  0333 220 0238